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Mentorship Package Information


The Mentorship Package is offered to individuals or families that are looking to start or improve their own small hobby livestock farming operation, and would like assistance in determining how to establish their farms.

CornerStone Farm Mentorship –
is an approach, whereby beginning hobby farmers learn from our farm experiences; to assist them with livestock and farm business management challenges. Drawing upon our knowledge and a willingness to share information, the small farmer/hobby farmer learns key operational skills, develops clarification to livestock farming management challenges and obtains general support and guidance.

Mentoring is also a means of raising self-esteem and the level of confidence needed to be a success.

Planning and Managing for Stewardship
Integrated into much of CornerStone Farm’s way of life, is an overall planning value that considers four main functions of the “whole” — farmland, environment, people and money — and the interrelationships of these. Which translates into practical techniques for planning and managing small hobby farming operations.

Purpose of the Mentoring Program –
The purpose of the CornerStone Farm Mentorship Program is to provide a source of guidance to beginning small/hobby farmers interested in learning or improving their livestock farming skills and enhancing their operations.

Program Objective –
To equip the small/hobby farmer with basic knowledge and confidence through hands-on experiences.

Each Mentorship Package is custom-tailored to individual needs. Prior to coming, a packet is sent to provide us with feedback to make your instruction here on the farm personalized to your particular areas of interest. This can be concentrated on one species of livestock or an overview of all we have to offer.

Length of Mentoring Program –
This includes a minimum of three nights stay which will provide a basic overview of all livestock operations offered on the farm. Longer stays will concentrate on particular areas of interest to the beginning farmer.

Ongoing Support –
To the best of our ability and experience, we will continue to support and offer guidance once you have completed the program.

Mentorship Package includes:

* Minimum 3 nights stay

* Country breakfasts, light lunches, full evening meals


* Syllabus of material covered

* Certificate of completion

The basic care of farm animals 

Animal husbandry on:

Goats, Sheep, Poultry, Equine

nutrition, housing, predators

pasturing, poisonous plants

breeding, parturition

basics in veterinary care

– basic operational costs

Double Occupancy

for a three night stay



Single Occupancy

for a three night stay



Each additional participant

for a three night stay




Dear Barb and Ward, thank you for the enjoyable time we had in the Mentorship Program. We got a lot of good information from the program and really liked working with the animals. Hopefully in the next year or so we will find some land to purchase and get started on our own farm.

Betsy and Becky


Dear Barb and Ward, Thank you for the wonderful hospitality this past weekend! We all really enjoyed ourselves and learned a lot. All the best, ~

Caroline McNeely and family


Thank you for a most enjoyable and eye-opening experience. I thoroughly enjoyed it and have much to think about. I especially appreciate your balanced perspective on the realities of livestock farming. Will stay in touch as things develop.

All the best, David


Beyond our expectations!! Your generosity and farming livestock knowledge are amazing. Chores were wonderful (to learn about the animals). We appreciate the lessons, instructions, and your trusting us to perform daily tasks on your livestock. Thank you both! May God’s blessing continue to pour out on CornerStone Farms.

Love in Christ, For Christ, Dale & Christine, Lindsey


Just a belated thank you for our great time at your place. We really enjoyed ourselves and appreciated your teaching.

Warmly, Alexandra and Marty


We had a wonderful time, so much to see and learn. With the mentorship, we got a lot of info for the future for our own hobby farm we want. Ward and Barb are excellent teachers. We had a ball. We will come again for sure.

I LOVE the goats, keep their names. – CaseyKen and Stacey & Family


What a blessing you all have been in our lives. Thank you for opening your home and sharing your farm knowledge with us. To have the opportunity to explore livestock farming through your mentorship program was priceless. We each came away from your program more informed about the animals (no more flashcards) we’re interested in … many, many thanks. We’ll miss you all and your special animals!

Franklin, Amy & Andrew, Paul


1st let me tell you what a wonderful time we all had this past weekend on your farm! Thanks for opening up your home to us & teaching us so much. We are all excited about our future in goating & the girls were so excited when we shared our plans to get the does/kids of the goats they loved so much.

Christian &Tom


We had a wonderful time farming with all your babies. We have not stopped talking about all we did in such short a time and learned so much. I appreciate all the hands-on opportunities that we all had. Also, the one on one for most of the day allowed me to focus on each task and lesson.

Thank you for the step by step approach. What the weekend at your home did for me is raise my confidence level. I came home believing I could handle goats, sheep and maybe some other livestock. They are the right temperament and personality. Now I need to transfer that to maintaining alpacas as well. Thus, more research is in order. Thank you again for offering this type of program for aspiring farmers and ranchers.

Lots of smiles, Darlene, Brittany and family

CornerStone Farm
Hosts: Barb and Ward Halligan

525 Barns Road, Red Oak, VA 23964


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