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The Soup Pot

Turn out that flame!

This should only happen to an egg!

The birds posted below are offered free of charge to loving homes. All are healthy and gentle surplus birds with minor faults that could be a good pet or a free range addition.

You may ask, "why the soup pot?"

Well, these days, it's a 'duck eat duck' world in the competitive 'chick race' around the poultry yard; cost and space has forced upper management to look at overhead. Lay offs are being enforced toward non productive birds based on their diminished performance reviews; however, sex, race (breed), age, and sexual preference are not an issue.

It's a tough call to see who gets the ax, whoa, I mean 'downsized'. So you see, I'm calling on you friend, to give these birds an opportunity for a new start.

Periodically we will have free chickens, ducks, or geese available. Check often for updated availability. Shipping charges do apply. Pick up at the farm is welcomed.

Nothing Available at this time.




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