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The Goats listed below are being sold in order to keep our herd to a manageable size. Providing individualized care to each one is very important to us,
so we are forced to let some go to make room.

Decisions for selling goats are never easy, as these were all retained or purchased in our herd for our breeding management and loved with great care. They have proven themselves in our herd.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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Herdsires For Sale

CornerStone Farm
86 VVV


Sr Does For Sale

CornerStone Farm

Blue Eyes
AR CornerStone Farm Tabitha 1*M
GP 84 VVV+

$600.00 each - open
$750.00 each - bred

Junior Does For Sale
Sorry, none at this time

Kids For Sale
All CornerStone Farm kids available for sale can be viewed in the current year at:
Nigerian Dwarf Goat Kids
reservations can be made for Spring 2013 kids through our:

Nigerian Dwarf Goat Breeding Page

Please Read Terms of Sale
This applies to all goat purchases

Purchasing A CornerStone Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goat
We breed our does in the fall for Spring kidding. Our goal is to have all does kid anywhere from February through April. We dam raise our kids unless otherwise requested with a deposit for bottle feeding. Kids can be available as early as February kids as bottle babies or June if dam raised. Our spare time is spent handling all our kids which produces a very friendly, loving kid goat and our past buyers will be glad to attest to this. Any adult goat being sold is available at time of advertised sale during the year. We are a 4H and FAA friendly breeder and offer discounts to children that are members of a 4H or FAA goat group as long as a Premises ID number is not needed for USDA purposes. We do not support any national or state animal identification program. We offer discount packages on multi-goat purchases and to breeders on milk test. Please ask for details.

A $50.00 deposit per goat will hold a goat until full payment is received (a hold is placed on check orders until the check clears) and the animal leaves our farm. The deposit will be refunded on kids only if our does do not "deliver" the expected offspring for a sale. All other refunds are negotiable at the breeder's descretion.

We will ship anywhere in the continental United States through Continental Airlines. All shipping charges are the responsibility of the buyer. These charges include, but are not limited to: crate, veterinary tests/certificates, air fare, and any other additional fees associated with shipping. The buyer is asked to mail the crate prior to shipping. We can provide shipping crates at an added cost of $125.00 per goat, as needed.

All kids are shipped no less then 8 weeks of age.

Our desire is to provide quality goats that you will be pleased with in purchasing. To that end we strive to breed livestock that will meet your needs, whether it's for show, milk capability, breed characteristics needed in your breeding program, or for that all important pet that will be a part of your lives for a long time. If at any time you feel your purchase is not to the standards we have set for our buyers, contact us and we will work out an amiable solution.

Thank You From CornerStone Farm
We want to express our gratitude for your interest in CornerStone Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats and whether you purchase from us now or in the future, we appreciate every inquiry and trust we have given you the best service possible in providing you the information needed to make an educated purchase.

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