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Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Our herdsires have been carefully choosen to enhance our breeding management for dairy character and longevity in the milk pail. We are striving in our breedings to create a true miniature dairy Nigerian through selective breeding of purebred Nigerians.
Our bucks are proven milk bucks.

Click here for information on our herd medical history.

Thank you Sharon McCarty of Caeser's Villa Nigerian Dwarf Goats
Fall of 2008, I was blessed with aquiring Caesar's Villa semen tank containing all the straws that Sharon collected over the years. These straws are collected on some of the top bucks that shaped the Nigerian breed into what we are seeing today. Sharon was diligent in preserving only the best of the breed and to this we are most appreciative. I will be using AI from these bucks in the coming years.
AI Sires available in the future:
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Click on a herdsire's photo below for his portfolio:

CornerStone Farm Hosanna 83 G+ AVV
Hosanna injured his right front leg as a 2 year old. He has compensated for the injury by not utilizing that leg.
This affected his LA scores.

Born 3/26/11
Chocolate and White (Blue Eyes)
Saron x Obadiah
Caesar Villa Stetson line
CornerStone Farm Micha 86 VVV
Born 5/22/12
Light Gold

Joy-ful x Lasea
Caesar Villa and Rosasharn lines
CornerStone Farm Middin 82 +V++
Born 4/15/15
Dark Brown with White Spots
Micha x Abigail

Caesar Villa and Bean's Pod lines
Photo to Come CornerStone Farm Palti 84 ++V
Born 4/18/15
Hosanna x Sherah

Caesar Villa and Pocket Sized lines
Enchanted Hill Skunk Cabbage 86 VVV
Born 3/19/12
Blackhawk x Syllables

Caesar Villa lines
and Enchanted Hill

Our Nigerian Dwarf Goat herdsires have been chosen for their strength in dairy character, mild temperments and proven bloodlines needed for our breeding program in the show ring and milking pail. They receive the same high standard of care that all our livestock receives.

Each of our bucks posses excellent conformation that is similar or complimentary to our does. These traits have brought out the best in our kids. You will notice that breed standard for dairy character is evident in the lines we have picked.

Like our does, they have been selected for specific qualities within their lines: having scorrectness in dairy character standards - udder capacity, width and depth throughout, levelness, length of body, placement of legs and feet, size and color and proven pedigrees.

We have put breedings together that we feel will continue to improve our line and also the breed. Each year we are excited about the breedings we have place together because we continue to see the improvemnt and the results we are striving for.

Our bucks are as spoiled as our does and enjoy a daily petting with small quantities of treats. They are well sheltered and adhere to a strict diet for overall health and condition.

For sale information, check out our Adults for Sale (for animals over 1 year old) or our Breedlist page (for making early reservations on kids). Once born, available kids for sale are listed on the Kids for Sale page.

Proverbs 27:26
You will have plenty of goat's milk to feed you and your family
and to nourish your servant girls.
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