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Senior Does

We keep a small select herd of Nigerian Does and we place all of our breeding stock on our site, not just the best from a large herd. (Retired does will not be shown). _We choose to stay small to give each animal the best of care with quality breeding management; which enables us to provide buyers with individual guidance for their purchase needs. We know all of our animals; their pedigrees, temperaments, milk capacity and all health issues due to our daily hands-on management of each and every one on the farm.

Click here for information on our herd's past medical history.

Home to the 2007 AGS National GCh Junior Doe and second place winners to the GCH and RGCH 2007 AGS National does

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Bed & Breakfast
Established 2004
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We decided to categorize our breeding does to help make it easier for buyers to purchase kids better. We have divided them into milk, show, and pet quality. You will see some goats repeating in the categories due to their lines proving themselves in more then one category. To reserve a kid from any of
our does, please review our Nigerian Dwarf Goat Breeding Pageto see our breeding pairs.
To review 2010 milk test records: Click Here
Click on a doe's photo below for her individual portfolio:
milking goat

Milking lines
I have been a milk test supervisor for nearly 20 years, milk our herd on a daily basis, and can provide unofficial "barn" data on my does.

The average Nigerian milks 2.5 pounds of milk per day over her full 10 month lactation. Our does meet and exceed these amounts.

NOTE: We have not been able to continue on any official milking program due to lack of milk test supervisors in our area. I am hoping to start testing once again through ADGA.

Show lines
These does' lines have proven themselves in the show ring by earning their MCH titles or placing high in their classes. Buyers have continued to prove our lines in the milk pail and show ring as National Reserve Champions, Top 10 milkers, 90s in LA scores and Superior genetics

NOTE: We have not been able to show much in the last few years since opening our farm as a Bed & Breakfast, due to the conflict of our busy season and show season. With our many years of show experience and keeping abreast with quality show herds, we continue to selectively breed to create quality show animals.

nigerian dwarf goat
nigerian dwarf goat CornerStone Farm Abigail E 90 VEEE+
Born 03/16/04
Brown and White
Cookie x Tekoa
CornerStone Farm Aliana VG 82 +V++
Born 3/5/15
Gold with dark highlights
Bethel x Hosanna
AR CornerStone Farm Ariel 1*M VG 88 VVEV+
Born 3/15/11
Black and white
Lasea x Wm Edgar
AR CornerStone Farm Bethel 1*M VG 88 VEEV+
Born 4/4/10

STS Bethsan x STS Thomas

CornerStone Farm Lasea E 90 VEEV+ 1xGCH
Born 3/26/07
Black with White Spots
Jezebel x STS Mark *S

nigerian dwarf goat

AR CornerStone Farm Saron 1*M VG 89 EEE+
Born 5/06/08
White with Cream Spots
Abigail x Saffron

New photo to come
AR CornerStone Farm Sherah 2*M VG 87 +VVV
Born 3/2/13
Gold with White Spots
Saron x Thaddeus
CornerStone Farm Amariah VG +VV
Born 3/13/16
Gold with dark highlights
& blue eyes
Bethel x Palti
AR CornerStone Farm Sela 3*M VG V+V
Born 4/22/16
, white, moonspots
Sherah x Midden
AR CornerStone Farm Tabitha 1*M VG VV+
Born 5/22/16
Gold with darh highlights

Abigail x Skunk Cabbage
CornerStone Farm Uzzi Not Scored
Born 5/30/16
Gold & white

Saron x Palti

dairy goat

Looking for a Pet Goat?
All kids from does in our herd can be purchased for pets.

Sometimes we may have kids that I feel do not meet our standard of quality, but these may still have the potential of excellent milk or show animals. These kids will be sold as pets without papers. Should they mature into excellent stock, the papers will be made available after photos are exchanged.Wethers always make the Perfect pet!

nigerian dwarf goat kids CornerStone Farm
Nigerian Dwarf Goats
Junior Does
Junior does provide the potential of excellent quality animals in both the milk pail and show ring. Our junior categorization is strictly based on the proven performance of the pedigrees behind each animal.
Junior does have not as yet freshened.

Click on a doe's photo below for her individual portfolio:

Our does at CornerStone Farm are selected to enhance the qualities we desire in our breeding program. They have been picked for correctness in dairy character standards - udder capacity and overall mammary structure, width throughout, levelness, length of body, placement of legs and feet, size and finally color.

Our breedings bring together dams and sires whose characteristics will continue to improve our line and also the breed. We are particularly excited about this year’s choices as we have added new lines to our herd through the retaining of our buck kids.

Our does, as with all our animals are spoiled pets even though they are working milking dairy goats. We provide them with the best of shelters and feed all year round. It is not unheard of to find one in the house or sitting in our laps as we rest from our chores in the pasture.

For sale information, check out our Adults for Sale (for animals over 1 year old) or our Breedlist page (for making early reservations on kids). Once born, available kids for sale are listed on the Kids for Sale page.

Proverbs 27:27
You will have plenty of goat's milk to feed you and your family
and to nourish your servant girls.
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