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Thank you Sharon McCarty of Caeser's Villa Nigerian Dwarf Goats
Fall of 2008, I was blessed with aquiring Caesar's Villa semen tank containing all the straws that Sharon collected over the years. These straws are collected on some of the top bucks that shaped the Nigerian breed into what we are seeing today. Sharon was diligent in preserving only the best of the breed and to this we are most greatful.
I will be using AI from these bucks in the coming years.
---------------------Sorry, straws will not be available for sale.
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  A.I. Sires available in the future:
As I aquire more information on these excellent bucks, I will post it.

ARMCH Caesars Villa CBS Stetson ++*S
D-6684 __________RE: BCV ____LE: K5
Collected: 12/01 and 11/03

Caesars Villa STS Black Hawk
D-21849__________RE: BCV1 ___LE: S15
Collected: 11/03

 Stonewall's Midnight Cowboy ++S
D-2841______-____RE: SF _----__LE: F13
Collected: 12/96

MCH Caesars Villa STS Pat Brady *S
D-8856_______-___RE: BCV ----__LE: L37
Collected: 12/01

 Caesars Villa Felcia's Levi *S
D-21847__________RE: BCV1 ___LE: S2
Collected: 11/03
 Caesars Villa Finders Keepers
D-21846______--___RE: BCV1 ___LE: S1
Collected: 11/03

Woodhaven Farms Cowboy Cadilak
D-15534__________RE: WHF _-__LE: N21
Collected: 11/03

MCH Caesars Villa PN Peter Pan *S VG
D-16099__________RE: BCV _--__LE: N32
Collected: 11/03
AGS 2004 National GCH Buck

 Caesars Villa Zarf
D-4921________-__RE: BCV --___LE: J4
Collected: 10/97
 Caesars Villa Cisco Kid
D-6246________-__RE: BCV --___LE: J24
Collected: 10/97

For sale information, check out our Adults for Sale (for animals over 1 year old) or our Breedlist page (for making early reservations on kids). Once born, available kids for sale are listed on the Kids for Sale page.

Proverbs 27:26
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and to nourish your servant girls.
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