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Beka and Cana are our purebred Akbash Dogs with double registry in United Kennel Club and Akbash Dogs International. They are hip and eye certified.

We reside in a rural area, for which our farm is home or passing for fox, wild dog, raccoon, bobcat, coyote, and other predators that feed on small animals and livestock.

We decided on Beka and Cana because both are very sweet tempered and assesses situations very well. As a large number of visitors come to our farm throughout the year, the dogs are able to discern what is predator or friend.

They have bonded well with our goats and poultry and will not allow predators near either areas. Since having them, their guardianship is proven and we feel our beloved livestock is well guarded and safe under their charge.

These dogs are bred to bond and protect livestock and will do this to the threat of their own lives.

Becka and  ChloeBeka
Even in the harsh Virginia ice storms and snow, Beka watches vigilantly over her territory and herd.


Beka content and resting peacefully


Cana, always smiling, but serious about her work.

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