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brown chinese goose

Brown Chinese Goose Holderread Lines

Mature Birds Available In The Fall

Shipping Available

Prices start at:

Pet Quality - $30.00

Exhibition - $100.00

No Eggs or Goslings Available


The most graceful of domestic geese, this breed has been given the name "Swan Goose". Both White and Brown varieties have a very light build with an upright posture. A distinctive feature on this bird and more so on the gander, is the conspicuous knob on top of the base of their bills. These noisy geese make great "watchdogs" by their high spirited honking, and are the best goose for weeding out your garden. Their laying ability far exceeds other breeds of domestic geese, although they are not the best setters.

Our strain of China Geese are gentle and tame. They are most content to stand close to their keeper and enjoy being pet or handled.

The Asian wild Swan Goose, (Anser cygnoides) which is the origin of the domestic Chinese Goose lacks the large knob at the bill and is capable of sustained flight. The Brown Chinese retains the same color as its wild ancestor.

The difference between mature male and female Chinese Geese You can tell mostly by the sound of their honk. The gander (male) has a high shrill (long double syllable) honk, resembling "steee-ill". The goose (female) has a deeper (short single or double syllable) honk; sounding like "hoink". With Chinese Geese, the gander is taller and has a large round knob above his bill, while his mate's should be less than half the size.

CornerStone Farm is not a commercial poultry hatchery. We hatch quality over quantity. This practice offers sales of select young and mature fowl. We do not ship day old birds.

Shipping and Handling

Estimated Shipping - USPS Express Mail Service.

Single Mailing Box - n/aEconomy Mailing Box - n/a
Omni Mailing Box- n/a Large Mailing Box - 1-2 birds $130.00

Shipping Boxes- Foy's Pet Supplies 1-877-355-7727

After you have confirmed a poultry order with us...

Step 1 Order Shipping Boxes From Foy's Pet Supplies

Step 2 Direct Supplier To Deliver Boxes To Us:

CornerStone Farm 525 Barnes Rd. Red Oak, Virginia 23964; 434-735-0527

USPS Approved Mailing Boxes

The Post Office requires filtered boxes with clear plastic windows for easy viewing of the contents inside of live shipping containers.

#69 Single Mailing Box $10.95*#71 Economy Mailing Box $15.95*
#73 Omni Mailing Box $32.95* #78 Large Mailing Box $36.95*
*Price subject to increase
  • Single Mailing Box - 1 Mallard Duck, 1 Chicken, or 2 Bantams; holds 6 lbs.
  • Economy Mailing Box - 2 Mallard Ducks, 2 Chickens, or 4 Bantams; holds 10 lbs.
  • Omni Mailing Box - 4 Mallard Ducks, 2 Large Ducks, or 3 Chickens; holds up to 20 lbs.
  • Large Mailing Box - 6 Mallard Ducks, 3 Large Ducks, 1 Turkey, 1-2 Chinese Geese, or 1 large goose; holds up to 35 lbs.


All birds shipped are guaranteed live delivery. A health guarantee up to 48 hours from arrival applies providing we are notified by phone with any losses within the 48 hours. Refunds or replacements are honored at the cost of the birds purchased alone, this does not include shipping and box. CornerStone Farm assumes no responsibility for losses due to damage, or if arrival is delayed past the delivery time as promised by the carrier, or if acceptance by the signed recipient exceeds 6 hours from the first notification of arrival.

CornerStone Farm
525 Barnes Rd.
Red Oak, Virginia 23964
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