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howdy Snodgrass,

thought this to be the easiest way to send them.
not in any order

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Snow at CornerStone farm
Historic snowfall in VA. Area has not seen any accumulations 2001. The 4 inches of the white stuff shut everything down. Not even the mail got through.

First things first: Rear level - kinda centered

side level, on right black line. The little black dot in the center of the level is the left side of the bubble

front level - the worse. bubble up against right white plastic

I hopeI wasn't too late in sending the level shots, seems your home flipped backwards and took the truck with it

new white pony in your barn with old white pony

frozen as is

male donk coming for hay

piglet eating

leaving mudroom to start chores

large drift in front of tack shed.
-- humor me, will ya? You have your 4' drifts, we have our 4".

still snowing. it's a blizzard : )

your home almost feels like home in Alaska, He misses you as well.

deep in the snow

moved your herd to the back pasture. they hang by john and maddy's instead of the tree grove

pond birm overflowing from rains and stuck up pipe

lower end of sheep pasture

cheap in cheap pasture

view from John and maddy's. went there to make sure their home was OK

goats deciding if it's worth it to go out

bulls hanging

new mare pony in front pasture
new pony/old pony

back hill where you put goat manure

front flower garden

pond/goat pasture outside mudroom

front flower bed by drive

view towards doe barn

cheap and dog

alpacies and cheap

mo cheap and dog

fence to back pasture/doe barn

mo moos
Miss ya.



Flood at CornerStone farm
This is the last storm I told you about after near 6 weeks of on/off monsoon rains. No place for the water to go. Freezing weather 2 days after.

front drive and horse pasture hours after the rain stopped

the other direction. standing water on whole front drive

your back yard after the last storm

your side yard. even the high grounds had standing water
front yard other side yard

buckling pasture behind cow-port. I have the donkeys in it

buckling pasture. the water is running, not just standing

another view of the running water

and yet another view

you can see the water flowing here

buck leanto. standing water outside and mud 2/3 under the roof

where bucks are standing, is the only dry spot, even now, even with the freezing temps

inside buck barn. by time I finished chores this day in the barn, the whole foyer was filled with water, even though the rains stopped for hours. still wet today

other side of buck foyer

pond actually went down by time I finished bucks to go to doe barn. On the right side, where you see muddy water, it was clear water and up over the muddy mound you see. that whole gully was up to the top. as it went down, it got muddy

the ditch you dug in the drive to keep the rain out of the barn

maddy and john's side - lower corner of the sheep pasture behind manure pile

looking down the back of the sheep pasture fence

Looking up the sheep pasture where you had filled in the grand canyons over and over again

running water down back side of sheep pasture looking towards john and maddy's

the corner where you dug it out many times. aquila is back to jumping out again. I am going to section off that corner with wire fence so he can not get back there, but make it so it can be peeled back to get into. he got out 4 times alone today.


Flower Power

the beginning of the plantings on the hill

fence put in and plants

another view

behind the dog pens. 700 plants to go

alongside Ward's shed

inside the doe barn, to be planted

another view
another corner stocked with flowers -- 843 total

one mo view

outside the doe barn, to be planted


House takes a licken, but keeps on a ticken

The misces grabbed the toilet paper from the hanging spool and tried to get it down the hole - (almost centered in this picture) where the blue, black,white and gray tubes meet

I took everything out of the space and have it in your shower stall, except these, I took them in the house to clean out. the misces started a nest in your overnight bag and soap holders using the full roll you had stored

this is where ???? came in under your bose speaker, utensil holder, and p-towels

seeped in through the molding

this is the roll of p-towels I told you soaked up a bunch of ????

moved the speaker

moved the utensil holder

Where the ???? trespasser entered

This is the water spot that I told you about that dripped near your coffee pot. No leaks in the cabinet, it doesn't make sense, your store did not suffer damage from the storm, all furniture was safe. maybe the snow melted off the roof??

I placed everything under the table - on top of the table. Is there too much weight on the table? I did this because the misces got behind and around everything and left droppings all over the place

When I went in to start cleaning, there were droppings that could not be seen just looking around. They had gotten on top of your cornises, into the bed, some draws, and loved your freezer : )
I am washing your bed linens and towels as I type. Can the knitted throw be washed by machine or by hand? The jac-a-lope is fine. they did take fur from it, but I could not see any bald spots when I cleaned up there. brought your stetson in the house. it has a couple very tiny abrasions on it and I didn't know if they were from you or "them". It's on your's/dad's bear now. your house is squeaky clean and a big mothball right now.
I am so sorry I did not catch it all sooner. Just going in and looking around you could not see their droppings in the carpet or in/on your bed. When they discovered your freezer that's when we went into action. With everything squeaky clean right now, we will know if any get in. Still can't figure out how.
Was there a crack on the lower left back side of the house, under the tail lights, but above the outlets? I cleaned some outside and I couldn't remember if that crack was when you hit one of your legs backing the PUp back in.

and miss ya. BB