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A Bed & Breakfast Farm-stay

Your Hosts: Ward and Barb Halligan
Toll Free:
1-866-977-FARM (3276)
: 434-735-0527
434-735-0527 (call prior to faxing)

Your Farmstay Tours

Walking pathsMeandering paths, friendly farm animals ...
and lots of natural beauty add to the pleasures you will experience with a stay at CornerStone Farm. Come on our virtual tour to see the opportunities waiting for you all year round.

The Farm House
Throughout each season, there is always a warm welcome for every guest that visits CornerStone Farm.

The original portion of the home was built in the late 1800s with the new additions added in the 1980s and now again in 2003 to open the farm as a vacation retreat.

Photo courtesy of Joe Link, Exec. Editor, The Progressive Farmer

Your Hosts - Ward and Barbara Halligan
The farm has been a life long dream for Ward and Barb. CornerStone Farm started modestly in New Jersey in 1996 with poultry and miniature dairy goats. They have since expanded their livestock to include mini-donkeys and Jersey cows, horses, Alpacas and Barbados Sheep.

CornerStone Farm bed and breakfast is a year round vacation retreat. There are always activities to be involved with on the farm and in the surrounding area such as McCallum More Museum & Gardens in Chase City, and Buggs Island recreational resevior in Clarksville. We invite you on a journey of country simplicity.

This is a sitting flower garden off the front of the house. The donkey, bull and horse pastures border the garden.

This is a favorite peaceful place to sit and listen to the birds and watch the livestock.

There is always something in bloom Spring through Fall.


Summer rainbows are always a beauty to behold. Their promise is ever before you. This rainbow was exceptionally brilliant after a brief summer shower.

The pond offers a serene spot for picnics or just to sit near for tranquillity. The fishing is also sport.

The wrap-around porch offers a relaxing place to catch a breeze while sitting and sipping cold lemonade or iced tea, adding that old south charm to summer days.

There is always plenty of color around from early Spring to Fall.

Summer offers some of the most diverse color and natural activity around the flowers; bringing in honey bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds.

This is a wonderful time of year in the Virginia hills. Misty mornings, crab apple preserves, pleasant strolls, and harvest color celebrate Summer repose.

Sunrise beyond the horse pasture.

Even in the starkness of Winter there is a beauty to the land that leaves you in awe.

Winters are not cold enough here to freeze the pond at a safe thickness, so we don't get the chance to skate on it (sigh).

From early Spring to the start of Summer there is a never ending burst of colors throughout the farm that can be enjoyed while sipping tea on the porch.


The livestock at CornerStone Farm bed and breakfast are an integral part of your vacation retreat. They are what may make your stay the most rewarding.

This is a favorite hang out for the goats during the early morning sun when the heat of the day is not yet too high. The terrain in this part of Virginia is very hilly, making it perfect for goats to enjoy.

Milking demonstrations are always fun and guests enjoy trying their hand at it also.

Assisting in the birth of kid goats is also a great experience

The cows enjoy the pasture directly in front of the farm house. New born calves are precious.


As you explore the different habitats around the farm, you will encounter other forms of life separate of the domestic kind.

Be sure to take time and discover the variety of plants, insects, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals that reside here.

Eastern Box Turtle

Eastern Cottontail


Northern Fence Lizard

Twelve Spot Skimmer

Hummingbird and bee viing for source of nectar

Blue Jay

Baby Mockingbirds


Fowler's Toad

The farm is home to a wide diversity of wildlife just waiting for you to discover.

Come and see what's on your path!

Please see Policies for further explanation on all restrictions and cancellation.

CornerStone Farm
525 Barnes Rd.
Red Oak, VA 23964
Toll-Free: 866-977-FARM
In Virginia: 434-735-0527

e-mail us at The Farm