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A Bed & Breakfast Farm-stay

Your Hosts: Ward and Barb Halligan
Toll Free:
1-866-977-FARM (3276)
: 434-735-0527
434-735-0527 (call prior to faxing)

The Critters that Make the Farm What it is.

So much more than livestock ...
Whether you are visiting CornerStone Farm for a vacation getway or planning a special event which includes the many farm animals on the farm, you will quickly realize that our animals are so much more than livestock.

As part of your vacation experience, we invite you to share and learn through the many rewards surrounding animal husbandry. You will discover how each group of animal has their own unique care and specific management program.

We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity while on the farm, to have a firsthand interactive experience with some of the daily responsibilities around the farm; along with educational discussion and Q&A.

If our farm animals are used in your event or party planning at the farm, you will soon see that their calming temperaments are ideal for both children and adult interaction. Whether it's pony rides, a petting farm, or incorporated in your wedding, our farm animals are well cared for, clean, and handled for gentleness; making them an enjoyable part of your event memories.

Scroll down and have a look at the variety of friendly farm animals you will encounter during your time at CornerStone Farm.

Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats

Barbados Blackbelly and Dorpor Sheep

Barbados Blackbelly Sheep



Pekin DucksGray Call Duckling
AmeraucanaRoyal Palm Turkey
African GooseAmeraucanaGuinea

Horses and Ponies





In Memory



September 21, 1991 - August 1, 2005



May 1996 - October 8, 2009


CornerStone Farm
525 Barnes Rd.
Red Oak, VA 23964
Toll-Free: 866-977-FARM
In Virginia: 434-735-0527

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