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CornerStone Farm Abigail
Born 2/20/03
Taupe with White

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Nigerian Dwarf Milking  doeGoat Dam:
Bean's Pod Malimar Cookie

7 Reserve Grand Champions
1st in class at 2000 Nationals
18x1st, 8x2nd
, 2x3rd
2x1st, 2x2nd - BU in show
3x - BUin Class

Nigerian Dwarf Goat buck Sire:
Ceasar's Villa CC Fabs Tekoa


Nigerian Dwarf Goat doe

ADGA Linear Appaisal 2015 (At 12 years old):
General Appearance: E
Dairy Strength: E
Body Capacity: E
Mammary: +


Show Record
2x1st - AGS

Unofficial 4/2/09

Abby - taking after her dam, Mally, Abby has great milking ability and shows as well. Although not pictured here well at all, Abby has a level top line, well set legs, great spring of ribs and width throughout. A very strong dairy animal at 13 years old.

She comes in with a well attached udder like her dam (who never lost attachments up to retirement of 10 years old) with lots of capacity. Abby is a dream to milk with well placed teats and a soft udder.

Second freshing udder
Nigerian Dwarf GoatNigerian Dwarf Goat

2009 fifth freshing udder
Nigerian milk goatNigerian milk goat

Breeding Program

Abby will be bred to:
CornerStone Farm

Due: May 22, 2016
Does: $600.00 ( )
$500.00 ( )
Wether: $100.00 ( )

Click photo for more information

I have placed these two as a breeding pair based on their strong milk production. Skunk comes out of Stetson (grand-sire) and these lines have produced some excellent milk and show progeny for us. Skunk is very strong in dairy character; and Abby is strong as well, I feel this breeding will compliment each other and bring the dairy character and production out even greater, without sacrifice to what is there already.

Abby is retiring after this year. We were hoping to have her appraised again this year. She was not coopoerative at all last year - she did the GI Joe crawl around the barn and the appraiser could not evaluate her completely. We were very happy with her score of 88 with her performance.


Proverbs 27:27
You will have plenty of goat's milk to feed you and your family
and to nourish your servant girls.

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