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A Bed & Breakfast Farm-stay

Your Hosts: Ward and Barb Halligan
Toll Free:
1-866-977-FARM (3276)
: 434-735-0527
434-735-0527 (call prior to faxing)

Guest Comments

Another wonderful visit - and this time so much fun for Keller too! He loved petting the goats - and a horse ride! He'll be talking about it for weeks. "Keller ride horse, helmeton", he'll say. Thank you for your generosity and patience with our children, Erin & mommy ask lots of questions, and your willing to slow down chores to a 4 year-old's pace! Thank you!

Brett and Dan, Erin & Keller-----------___________------Farmer September 2009
Last few days were really wonderful! It was fun milking and feeding the goats; the kids enjoyed hanging around with these gentle and beautiful animals! This farm is truly a haven; very beautiful and relaxing. It transports us to a different placewhere we can take time to appreciate and enjoy the lovely animals, flowers, butterflies, and cool breeze ... and all God's creations!

Peter and Junni,
Erin, Keller----------------_____--_------Farmhand September 2009
The farm was great, the food was wonderfull, the fellowship priceless. GBY

Bruce, Lisa & Lucy, Erin, Keller----_______--------------Farmer September 2009
Thanks for the great time. We'll stay longer the next time! Thanks for the great breakfast.

Charles & Kate, CJ, Thomas-----_________-----------------Traveler August 2009
Sakarie - "liked the horse, the cats, house was very good. Mrs Barbara was very nice. Also liked "it" (all the animals) a lot. Thank you for the food, it was very good, so good I eated it a lot" ____"From the mouth's of babes ..." Sakarie is 6.

Christina - Thank you, Mrs Barbara, my only regret was that my mother did not come. Your food was awesome. I loved the mashed potatoes. Most importantly, thank you for your prayers and constant Christian presense. Thank you again, also for the much needed rest.

Christina & Sakarie--------------_______------------------Farmhand August 2009
Thank you for a wonderful farm experience! Delaney loved having a baby goat to play with and goat packing. Going into the pastures was fun too. Milking the goat by hand was a favorite of everyone's. We enjoyed your hospitality and excellent food. The fishing was John's favorite by far. You have a warm and welcoming home- it was truely like visiting family!

John, Melissa & Delaney-------------------_------------Traveler Plus+ August 2009
Thank you very much for your Christian hospitality, delious home cooking and abundance of affection/kindness toward the children. We thoroughly enjoyed every second of this awesome vacation - from milking the goats, making cheese,, making soap and gathering chicken eggs to petting the donkeys and taking nature walks. I will spread the news of this paradise hide-a-way to my teacher cohorts, my friends and my family. Comming here has been a blessing and this is now our favorite bed and breakfast

Jill, Madison & Sophia
-------------------____-----------------Custom August 2009

We had a special guest stay with us and she wrote in her native language:

Asian Guest-------------------____________--------------------------- June 2009

Praise the Lord for his goodness. It has been so good to be here. Thank you so much for your lovely & godly hospitality. We have enjoyed the delious food, seeing the animals, and the Christian fellowship. May God continually bless you! Thanks again.

Brent & Marley-------------------____________----------------Farmer June 2009
Thank you for your Christian hospitality! We truly enjoyed the animals, the food, the stars at night and the lodging. May God bless you as you run your farm for His glory. How refreshing to stay at a "business" that is run by godly values. Thank you so much!

Karla & Tom, Kaitlyn, Sarah-----_________--------------Traveler Plus June 2009
Thank you both for your hospitality. We appreciate the opportunity to visit the farm and give the kids a learning experience! Erin & Keller have been looking forward to this for a long time - and maybe this time Keller will understand more of what it's all about. Thanks for everything.

Brett & Daniel, Erin, Keller------------------___________------Farmer June 2009
Goat milking is cool, horse riding is thrilling. Thank you for the great food and company! Your farm is the best place in the world to learn about all kinds of animals. We have fallen in love with your goats. Barb & Ward did a spectacular job explainingabout the animals. Thank you so much for sharing your farm life with us. CornerStone is our best vacation ever! Thanks to Bill too!

Karen & Hannah
-------------------____________----------------Farmer June 2009
Hope all is well with you and your husband. When we returned from our trip it looked like Costa Rica here with all the rain while we were away. We had lots to catch up. Any way, just to drop you a line to say what we had a very nice time at the farm. Barbara was thrilled with it all since she had no clue before getting there. Your hospitality was exceptional and I still don't know how you do it all! Give my regards to your brother, a very nice guy. Sorry I didn't get to know your husband other then late that night. Maybe next time. Barbara let me say your animals are beautiful're a good shepherd.

Vic & Barbara -------------------______________-------------Custom June 2009

Hey Ward and Barb,
Happy almost 4th of July! We miss you, the goats, geese, donkeys, chickens, dogs, cats etc! Just a belated thank you for our great time at your place. We really enjoyed ourselves and appreciated your teaching. Warmly,

Alexandra and Marty -----------------------------____------Mentorship June 2009
Ward & Barb -
We had such a wonderful time at CornerStone Farm. We can't thank you enough. It was an experience our kids have never had & one they won't forget. The house was great, the food was great & the the animals were just amazing. Your hospitality and patience were overwhelming.

Brad, Melissa, Chase & Sydney
-----------------------------------Custom June 2009
We had a wonderful time once again. We will come back soon. we enjoyed the new goats and animals. We hope Feby's baby or babies come healthy. God bless you all.

Stacey & Casey--------------------------------------------------Custom May 2009
Thank you for your hospitality ... you have a wonderful place and suck lovely people.

Lynn ----- ------------------------------------------------------Traveler June 2009
Hi Barbara, Ward and Bill,
I'm still enjoying the memories of being with Miranda on your farm. Miranda was in her element with the animals and the outdoors... as well as your home. She kept telling me it was the perfect place to stay... a lot better than a hotel.

Bill, she says the best part was riding the horse. Her pleasure and delight in the entire farm experience was beyond my wildest expectations. And, I was really surprised to find that I felt like I had come home. I truly can't remember ever having such a stress-free vacation.

My best part were the babies. You set a beautiful table, too! Yum Awards for every dish. We liked the idea of "snacks" before the full breakfast. Were we just so hungry after chores (mostly watching Barb!) that everything tasted so great... or was it the fresh eggs? I can't seem to duplicate your french toast, Ward. So, thank you, thank you, and God Bless.
Miranda - "I like the farm and thank you for letting me come.
Jo - What a joy to watch Miranda have a chance to be around so many animals, express her delight with them and be able to pet them as much and long as she wanted. We are leaving wonderously full of great food, fellowship and God's creations.

Jo, Miranda
-__------------------------------------------------Farmhand April 2009
Beyond our expectations!! Your generousity and farming livestock knowledge is amazing. We have been blessed with the Christian fellowship this weekend. Thank you for opening your B&B during Easter. The meals were delicious. Chores were wonderful (to learn about the animals).We appreciate the lessons, instructions, and your trusting us to perform daily tasks on your livestock. Thank you both! May God's blessing continue to pour out on CornerStone Farms.

Love in Christ, For Christ

Dale & Christine, Lindsey---------____________------------Mentorship April 2009
Hi Barb and Ward!
Thanks again for such a wonderful stay at your farm. You both (and Bill) were so gracious to us, fed us so well, made us feel right at home, shared all your friendly animals with us, and gave Julia (and the big kids with her) experiences we'll always remember fondly. Love,
Marti, and Julia and her parents ----- --------------------------Farmhand April 2009


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