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A Bed & Breakfast Farm-stay

Your Hosts: Ward and Barb Halligan
Toll Free:
1-866-977-FARM (3276)
: 434-735-0527
434-735-0527 (call prior to faxing)

Guest Comments

What a great way to ring in the New Year!We thoroughly enjoyed our stay here. The girls especially loved petting the miniature horses. We felt very much at home. David and I both agree that this was definitely a well needed relaxing weekend and we were thankful to have found CornerStone Farm for our stay.

David, Tammy, Brooke & Denise, Luray, VA---- Traveler --- New Year's Eve 2005

What a great time - thanks so much for the anniversary basket, but most of all your warm hospitality and good food, extended above and beyond in Jesus' name. May God bless you in your stewardship of His gifts and enlarge your ministry - you are already doing wonders in His name - giving people a glimpse of what it was like before the fall and what it will be like again when we are fully reconciled and in His full, healed world. Blessings! keep on!

Hank and Peggy ----- Traveler Plus ---- December 2005

Awesome! Hospitality, warmth, food & more food, delicious. Love to be back with nature. Rest, relaxing, smells (of all types) were very welcomed. The best vacation we had for some time. God does send us to meet some great people along our journey in life. You two & Ted were the best. In the deepest appreciation and heartfelt thanks, we had a wonderful time. God's peace & blessing abound

Dave & Pat, Baltimore, MD ----- Traveler Plus ---- November 2005

This has been a wonderful experience for city dwellers like us. We particularly enjoyed the little tour around the farm and meeting all the animals. Euan was especially thrilled to see the animals up close and to be able to pat them. Thank you Ward and Barb for your warm hospitality, great food and a great stay. God bless both of you.

Jean and Family, Singapore ----- Traveler Plus ---- October 2005

Thank you so much for making my stay so wonderful. I felt more like family than a guest. I'm so sorry my husband was called away and couldn't make it. Just means we'll have to schedule another trip! Hooray! Barb, thanks so much for letting me spend time with the goats. Please ignore the hoof sticking out of my suitcase! Ward, thanks for the lovely time fishing. Next time I'll leave you at the house and maybe I'll catch something!! Thanks again to you both.

Christy, Richmond, VA ----- Getaway Special ---- September 2005

Lovely place - friendly people, perfectly maintained, fine food - a real jewel!

David and Linda, Martinsville, VA ----- Traveler ---- September 2005

Great Hospitality! Food Great! Your planning our trip (fishing) for us was excellent! We look forward to visits in the future. Thanks!

Larry and his 3 sons, Florida ----- Traveler Plus ---- August 2005

Thank you so much for your generous hospitality! We loved staying at your farm! It provided the perfect "escape" for us after a very busy couple months! The room was comfortable and the meals were delicious! Meeting all your animals was a special treat for animal lovers like us! Thank you so much, Ward, for the nature walks and getting us started with our bird and butterfly watching! We hope to continue it when we get back home! Your sensitivity, Barb and Ward, to us and graciousness are so appreciated!!

David and Alayne, Arlington, VA ----- Traveler Plus ---- August 2005

Barb and Ward, thank you for a very memorable honeymoon. Your hospitality will always be appreciated. The meals were fantastic. The horseback riding was great. We hope to see you again. Good luck with Charlie, and don't let him get STUPID with you. God Bless you all.

Mark and Dyanna, Elkton, VA --- Traveler Plus --Honeymoon ---- August 2005

Thank you so very much for everything you did for us this weekend. It has been our most enjoyably relaxed weekends we have had in ages. Barb, you went above and beyond to meet our needs - thanks!!! Ward, you gave us a new wonder to think about with fowl and everything you do with that. Aaron and I had the best time getting back to our roots that we miss so much. Many thanks to you both! What a weekend to never forget.

Aaron and Karmen, Chesapeake, VA ----- Farmhand ---- August 2005

We are so happy we found your web site It surely caught our attention. You couldn't be more thoughtful and gracious hosts to us and Lincoln. Barb, the surprise of the birthday gifts for Sandy was so wonderful, she was truly touched. We enjoyed our conversations, excellent meals, and an overall great time. Hopefully we will be back someday. Best of Luck.

Clint and Sandy and of course "Lincoln the puppy", Fairfax, VA
----- Traveler Plus ---- August 2005

Our 1st day on the farm was excellent. We all enjoyed the tour and the wonderful dinner. The 2nd day very educational and great fun doing chores, playing with all the animals, horseback riding and pony rides and the bonfire were excellent. Barb and Ward thanks for being excellent hosts. We all love your farm and hope to come back again. Thanks again for a wonderful time.

Jim & Sue, Kurtis, Michael, Richmond, VA --- Farmer ---- August 2005

We all have had a wonderful time. This place is awesome. Thank you Barb and Ward for being such great hosts and teachers this week! Anthony and Carolyn have enjoyed being farmhands and have learned so many new things! This has been a vacation where none of us minded working - we even looked forward to it! We look forward to our next visit. May God continue to bless you!

Andrea & Kevin, Anthony, Carolyn, Cecelia, Woodbridge, VA
----- Farmer ---- July 2005

Our visit to the farm has been a very relaxing experience. My husband brought me here as a surprise anniversary getaway. We enjoyed exploring the farm and visiting the animals. It was so great to find a farm getaway only about an hour from home. Wonderful food, thanks for everything. We hope to return in the Fall.

Dan & Yasha, Littleton, NC ----- Traveler Plus ---- July 2005

I'm glad we found you on the Internet. This is a great farm and has allowed us a great family vacation. We enjoyed all the farm chores. Cid will never forget "the big one" he caught in the pond. [A 2 FOOT BASS BY A 5 YEAR OLD]. The farm is a beautiful place and we wish you all the best with your Bed & Breakfast.

Peter & Irene, Deena, Claudia, Cid, Augusta, GA
----- Farmer ---- July 2005

We wanted the girls to have a memorable time and they did. You have a beautiful place and just the right size to have us feel like we came to visit family. Having the distinction of being the largest family you've had so far was fun for us and work for you. Your attention to the kids was greatly appreciated. We all had a great time, sorry to leave.

David & Alex, Destiny, Alana, Blessing, Coty, Forest, VA
----- Farmer ---- June 2005

What a great family vacation! We loved all the chores, activities, meals, etc. We felt like part of the Halligan family! We can't say enough good things. Thank you!

Scott & Eileen, Jack, Jon, Manassas, VA ----- Farmer ---- June 2005

Our family thoroughly enjoyed our "farm stay". We have all learned a lot about "country living" that was a new experience for us "city folk". This is probably the most relaxing vacation we have ever had. Ward and Barb, thank you so much for welcoming us to your wonderful home and treating us like family. We all hope to return again in the future. PS We love riding the horse.

Manny, Cathy, Natalie, Patrick, and Annabel, West Palm Beach, Fla
----- Farmer ---- June 2005

We had a great time. This was our first B&B experience and it set a high standard. Ward and Barb make your stay feel like you were visiting family instead of an unsocial hotel stay. The house pets were "lap pets"and all the "kid" goats, 29 of them, wanted all your attention. The horses really made my wife happy. For those who fish, we caught the little ones, but saw several 2 - 3 foot bass. We left them for you to try to catch.

Kristan & Jenny, Powhatan, VA ----- Farmer ---- June 2005

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! You have a lot to offer here at CornerStone! The animals, the scenery, and the experience are top notch. Thanks for the great hospitality and a farm - hands on - experience we will never forget. Best of luck to both of you. And God bless you as you live your dream. We are more motivated then ever to make that move! Take care.

Dan, Lisa, Maggie, Micah & ?, Hollywood, MD--- Farmer ---- May 2005

Good Morning Ward and Barb. We want to thank you for a wonderful stay at CornerStone Farm. Our tour at Cardinal was very interesting and informative. I think that David & Linda are now ready to make a decision on a builder for their new home. After a stop for lunch and a shopping stop at Costco in Greensboro we had an easy drive home. We recommended your B&B to the people at Cardinal in the event they have inquiries about a place to stay. You might want to drop off a few brochures at their office. May God be with you as you pursue this career change.

Don & Hazel, North Carolina ----- Traveler Plus ---- May 2005

It was a great trip. We were treated like family from the moment our feet hit the ground there at CornerStone Farm. You truly have a piece of heaven carved out there. Philip and I both enjoyed different things about the farm. I was crazy about the animals, and wish I could have stayed longer. Those goats are great little creatures!!! Mr. Kitty (ground hog) is as cute as cute can get. I researched a little to save you some time. Try this web site It has lots of info. Hope Kitty makes CornerStone his home for life too. We will be keeping in touch and hope to be back soon. Take care. We loved it there

Kay and Philip, Richmond, VA ----- Traveler Plus ---- May 2005

For our trip from middle TN to Delaware, we needed a stopover point with horse-boarding facilities. CornerStone provided a convenient layover in quiet surroundings. Barb and Ward moved their horses around to accommodate our colt. We appreciate their hospitality and willingness to board a young stallion. Their human accommodations and meals were equally impressive.

Andra and Don, Manchester, TN ----- Horse and Rider ---- April 2005

Thank you so much barb! We had a wonderful time! You taught us a lot about the goats and we look forward to learning more from you. We had a blast doing the chores - I just hope the girls still enjoy it when we get our goats. We look forward to seeing you again in a few weeks. We also look forward to meeting Ward. We treasure our new friendship. Thank You!

Cali, Aspen and Misti, Goochland, VA ----- Farmer ---- April 2005

A lovely stay - the grandchildren loved the farm animals. The rooms are marvelously comfortable and so restfully decorated. We'll spread the word! The best for me (Mary) was to meet and fellowship with a new sister in Christ - an unexpected "God"incidence!

Jim and Mary, Middleton, MA ----- Traveler ---- April 2005

We had an awesome time! The children do not want to leave. Horseback riding, hiking, and the meals were excellent. The most favorite task was milking the does (in addition to cuddling the kids). Hope PJ kids soon! Oh yeah, mom and dad had a relaxing time.

Andrew and Christine, Midlothian, VA ----- Farmer ---- April 2005

Only God could have arranged our stay here. After a couple of hours of going in circles, we found you in a booklet given to us by another motel. We were entirely blessed. Celebrating our 7th anniversary (seven is symbolically "completion" in the bible) in such privacy and hospitality and with a delicious breakfast could only have been improved on if we had more time!

God bless you all and your efforts! Hope to see you soon! Thank you for taking us in on such short notice. It was a blessing.

Kris and Lisa, Chesapeake, VA ----- Traveler ---- April 2005

We had a wonderful time. It's nice to find a bed and breakfast that not only allows children, but welcomes them. Our son had so much fun here. Thank you so much for the hospitality. We wish you lots of success and happiness.

Mae and Jamal, Raleigh, NC ----- Farmhand ---- March 2005

We just want to thank you for such a wonderful time we had here. Our 9th anniversary will most certainly be remembered. We thank you for your hospitality and generosity as you served us this weekend. May God bless you as you have blessed us.

Todd and Dani, Rhoadesville, VA ----- Farmer ---- March 2005

CJ and I had a great time. Wish we were able to stay longer and enjoy more activity and the farm, but the hospitality was exceptional. Best wishes in the future.

Erika and CJ, Richmond/Lexington,VA ----- Farmhand ---- February 2005

You both are certainly blessed with a gift which make strangers feel like family. Meal times were relaxing and fun, and the food was wonderful. This was the first B&B experience and I will have memories for years to share. I appreciate your blessing the food and pray that God will bless your home and work, and know that many guests will be blessed as I was. Thanks again for everything!

Karen, Jonesville, VA ----- Corporate (call for details)---- February 2005

A truly wonderful experience. Hospitality and food were tops! I wish I had been able to be 'Out on the Farm' to see all the animals, but the week has been memorable all the same.

Laurie, Pennington, VA ----- Corporate (call for details)---- February 2005

This is by far our finest B&B experience. The generosity and wisdom of our wonderful innkeepers, the truly idyllic setting, and the fascinating array of well loved animals all work together to make this a place we want to visit again and again. It is truly a haven for the traveler.

Esther Lee and Douglas, Holmdel, NJ ----- Traveler Plus ---- January 2005

My wife and I wanted to get away for our 3rd anniversary; my wife found CornerStone Farm on-line and we came to agreement this is where we were going. The night we arrived, it was the best hospitality you could get. From dinner and all the rest of the meals, they were excellent, and you never leave hungry. The activities from feeding the goats animal crackers or milking the goats, my wife thought was the best ever, to going horse back riding through trails and scenes that words couldn't describe. CornerStone Farm, if you enjoy nature, animals, and food; there's no place anywhere else in Virginia.Richard and Marie, Richmond, VA --- Farmer - Anniversary---- January 2005

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